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Garage Door Repair Concord
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Our garage door specialists solve electric garage door problems, maintain all systems thoroughly and are troubleshooting experts.

Dealing with brackets

Shaky brackets mean that the structure will not hold well onto the wall. Moreover you may find that up and down movement is consequently restricted. Tighten the screws and bolts if this happens. On the other hand if the damage is substantive then you are better off replacing the brackets altogether with a good quality alternative.

Run regular tests on your garage door spring

The testing procedure is simple. You need to disengage the opener and open the door manually half way through. If the torsion spring is properly balanced, the door should stay in place. If it is not, it has to be tightened or loosened depending on whether the door moves up or down.

Customizing garage doors

Our experts in Concord provide assistance in customization of garage doors. Choose the right materials for your original design to achieve the best results. Do not forget to include the safety and security features of the door and choose the latest one that will match your creation.

The importance of lubricating your parts

All experts in Garage Door Repair Concord advise you to always make time for lubrication maintenance. At least once a month, oil all the garage door parts to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Do not wait until parts give way before doing something about it.

Keep the remotes stores safely

Garage door openers are not toys. They all come with great safety sensors but should still be operated exclusively by adults. Prevent remotes from being crushed or reached by children by storing then in high places. Many new openers come with remotes that are compact enough to attach to keys or can be controlled from your smartphone.

Garage Door Repair Concord

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