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Garage Door Maintenance

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Running a Full Set of Tests

Despite what many people think, inspection isn’t sufficient for identifying all the possible problems with electric garage doors. Tests are needed too and we perform them as part of our garage door maintenance services. The first test is for the spring system. It involves lifting the door until it’s open halfway, after the opener has been disconnected. If the door moves rapidly either up or down, this indicates too much or too little tension and we’ll make the required adjustment. There are two tests for the opener sensors. The first one involves blocking them and attempting to close the door with the remote. The second one involves waving a long object in front of them while the door is going down. In the first case, the door must not move down. In the second one, it must reverse. If the tests reveal sensor failure, we’ll replace the devices quickly.Garage Door Maintenance

Repair and Replacement as Part of Garage Door Maintenance

We check each and every component of the automatic door for damage and wearing and do what’s necessary to solve these issues right away. If you have a steel door which has bent and/or rusty panels, count on us to fix them and to take measures for their future protection. When it comes to the tracks, we check them for rust, bending and misalignment of the vertical and horizontal parts. Often, there is a need for minor repair involving straightening of the bent areas and tightening the bolts so that the brackets can hold the two parts of each track firmly in place. When checking the cables, we watch out for frayed sections and cuts, which could cause snapping. If a cable is at great risk of breaking, rely on us to replace it fast before an accident occurs. As you can see, with our preventive maintenance, your electric door will work smoothly and reliably every day.

Professional Hardware Lubrication for Automatic Garage Doors

Some of the most common lubrication mistakes made by homeowners include using the wrong type of product, adding too much of it and applying it to the wrong components. When you hire our professional services, you won’t have to worry about anything. We use only a light lubricant that doesn’t attract dust and insects and doesn’t harden with temperature fluctuation. With our special application techniques, you get lasting results without dripping or residue. If you have one or two torsion springs, we’ll cover each coil with a sufficient amount of lubricant. The same applies to hinges and rollers which are made entirely of steel. With the lubrication of the moving metal hardware parts of the opener, you’ll enjoy completely reliable door opening and closing.

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Garage Door Repair Concord

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