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Steps undertaken during garage door repair

11/30/2013 Back To Blog

Many people have no clue on the right time to undertake garage door repair in Concord. The result of this is that in most cases many people turn to garage door service when it is too late. Some people have even formed a habit of seeking repair and replacement services after the garage fails to operate as per requirements. For this reasons several guidelines have been established that targets DIY garage door maintenance.

Tightening loose bolts and nuts

this is the first step that is undertaken during garage door repair. In this process garage door hinge and mounting brackets are checked. The owner is supposed to tighten lose bolts and screws to make sure that everything is tight. The benefit of this is to prevent accidents and injuries that may occur as a result of snapped cables and garage door torsion spring.

Checking whether garage door tracks are properly aligned

both horizontal and vertical garage door tracts should be properly aligned. Horizontal tracts are supposed to slant down slightly. Alignment of tracts involves loosening or tightening bolts and nuts which is followed by slight tapping incase there are bent. You should never remove the bolts.

Examination of the springs

this is the most important garage door repair activity. If garage door springs are in good condition the garage door will operate smoothly where it will slide up and down with normal force. Furthermore, there is prevention of injuries from occurring which result from broken garage door spring.

Where you are unable to open garage door or the mechanism is much slower you are suppose to call in professional garage door service providers from MA. Here the experts will undertake sophisticated repair such as replacements.

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