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Making your garage more secure

11/30/2013 Back To Blog

A garage can be a place for storing a wide range of tools as well as vehicles, bicycles, and other items that are valuable to you and your family. Garages are often outbuildings that are commonly targeted by criminals looking for items to steal to sell later. Here are some tips on securing items within your garage and improving the security to deter or prevent acts of theft.

Consider the condition of your door

It is worth considering the condition of the door to your garage. You may need to undertake a garage door panel repair if the panels are rusty or the door is not fitting correctly when closed. It is also worth consulting on garage door repair Concord to ensure that your choice of security is the most appropriate. If you have an old wooden door or a damaged metal door that has problems with closing properly, then you may want to consider a full garage door replacement.

New locks and physical security

You may also need garage door repair parts to replace locks or padlocks that are used to secure your door. Fitting an armored padlock fitting can prevent padlocks being damaged, as it is not openly exposed to be targeted by bolt cutters or other devices to break the mechanism. Some sophisticated devices can be installed to work alongside other security measures to keep your belongings safe.

It is wise to consider fitting a lighting unit near the entrance with a sensor that operates when someone approaches it. Security lighting will deter most opportunistic intruders. This can also benefit you by providing illumination on approach your access at night. Lighting can be used in conjunction with alarm systems that are available that automatically alert you to intruders.

Choose appropriate security measures

The varieties of garages all have different security needs. If you house an expensive car or everything but the car, then there will be some security required to protect your belongings. The level of security used should be cost effective and appropriate. The more remote that your garage is to your property, then the more security it is likely to need. A damaged garage door hinge or damaged garage door tracks can create weaknesses that could allow someone to break into your property more easily.

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