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Golden Rules To Avoid Garage Door Accidents

11/30/2013 Back To Blog

Our garage doors will protect our properties and families only if we take care of them. If we neglect to check the condition of the garage door parts and repair the broken parts, we will not have a reliable garage door and we will not prevent possible accidents. Some parts, like the springs have a lot of tension and heavy weight that might cause serious injuries, especially if we try to fix them on our own.

The Most Common Reasons for Garage Door Accidents

  •     Most accidents occur when we try to repair some damages on our own and we don’t call a garage door service provider. There is electricity in the garage door motors that might put us at stake and the cable may cause injuries if it snaps when we are repairing it. There are plenty of expert companies in Concord or the entire Massachusetts that can do all kinds of repairs and replacements with safety and accuracy.
  •     Many accidents also occur when we are occupied with something underneath an opened garage door. Many doors have collapsed when the garage door cable snapped or if there is a sudden problem with the opener.
  •     The sensors are essential parts for our safety since they can recognize an obstacle and reverse the movement of the door.  If you see that they don’t communicate with each other or any other problem that puts them out of order, you must call immediately the professionals for emergency garage door opener sensors maintenance.
  •     The children don’t sense danger and they see garage doors as a toy. Don’t let the garage door clicker in their hands and don’t allow them to play underneath an open door.
  •     Regular garage door maintenance by a garage door company is the best prevention of accidents since it makes sure of the good condition of all garage door components.
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