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Garage Door Opener Replacement Price

Garage Door Opener Replacement PriceIn some cases, it is mandatory to replace the opener due to serious damage or extensive wear and tear. In other cases, the reason for replacement is upgrading. The price of garage door opener replacement has two components - opener price and replacement service price.

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Modern openers cost between $100 and $400 on average. The factors which determine the price include the power, design, features and technologies used. The type of drive which the model uses has an impact on the price, but it is not among its most important determinants. The accessories which the device comes with have a major impact on the end price. While basic accessories such as remote controls and safety sensors are typically included in the main package and do not push its price much, the opposite is true for the most technologically advanced accessories and extras such as wall-mounted monitors, battery back-ups and compatibility with home automation systems.


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